A training on facilitation and productive meeting culture enables you to create a lasting effect. Trainings and workshops can be done for the full team or as in-depth training of your leaders and managers. 

We particularly emphasize giving you a better understanding of the basic dynamics of meetings, so that you are ready to recognize and act upon the unconstructive mechanisms that stand in the way of productivity.

Step by step we take you through theory and hands-on tools which you can implement directly.

Themes in a training could be:
• Typical challenges in meetings
• The dynamics of internal meetings
• How to establish clear frames of the meeting
• Building a good agenda
• Discovering your own meeting type - in order to become a better meeting participant 
• How to handle difficult discussions and participants  
• How to prepare and follow up 

All organizations are different and so are their meetings. We always set the content of workshops and trainings based on your needs and wishes.

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“I always plan for a few hours to reload my energy after a meeting”

— Leader, public sector

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