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We are specialists in internal meetings. Since 2010 we have trained more than 1500 leaders and employees in optimizing their meetings. 

Ditte Graa Wulff, Founder
“I never get tired of inventing new and better ways of meeting. Meetings take up such a big part of our work life, that it only makes sense to take it seriously to reinvent the frames and process of meeting. It adds value both to the individual and the organization as a whole”. 

Ditte is the founder of Meet Better (in Danish Mødehuset) and is a self proclaimed meeting geek.

She has worked with organizational development for several years. Both as a consultant in Meet Better and as CEO of the growth company TwentyThree

When Ditte is not training others in how to run their meetings, she is booked as external facilitator of strategy development, team days or learning courses in both public and private organizations. 

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Line Lucie Cassøe, Consultant
”To me meetings are a direct entry into organizational culture. In my work I aim to deliver value within meeting productivity while also influencing culture so that we increase the ability of the organization to cooperate and deliver results overall. Our work should impact both employee satisfaction and bottom line.

Line is a sociologist by education, specialised in organization and leadership. She is an experinced management consultant and worked in Hildebrandt & Brand from 2008 to 2016. 

Along side her work with Meet Better LIne works as a selfemployed consultant running larger cahnge projects and training leaders and leadership teams. 

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Anna Forrest, Associated Consultant

"I can't stop exporing how to create good meetings. Meetings where objectives are met, and we manage to create actual results that are meaningful for the many - not the few. Meetings where we leave with relations that are stronger than when we came to the meeting".

Anna is educated Kaospilot and holds a bachelor in pedagogy. She has worked with developing the educational system for several years. She has also been engaged in the field of intercultural dialogue and confict management at The Danish Youth Council, DUF. 

When Anna is not investing her energy in the work of Meet Better, she is working for Center for Dialog as a proces leader and trainer in dialogue and conflict management.

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“I hate when we leave the meeting and feel like a failure”

— Employee in public sector

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