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Meet Better is on a mission: to make internal meetings more productive.

Way too many meetings today end up in ongoing discussion with no valuable outcome. That is a waste of time and ressources - and can be improved!

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A training on productive meeting culture enables you to create a lasting effect. Trainings can be done for the full team or as in-depth training of your leaders and managers.

Our workshops and courses give you tools and knowledge, which can be put to use immediately. Read more


We have studied meetings and their dynamics for several years and share our experience in talks and presentations. If you are planning a conference or internal theme day, we can deliver an inspirational input.

We start from the challenges we all know from our everyday work life and give inspiration on how to think differently.

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“You always know exactly when we have reached that point where all looks turn completely empty. But we still continue”

— Public sector manager 


Good tools will do a lot to support the productivity in your meetings. We help you develop tailored products for your organisation - be it agenda tools, meeting boards or interaction tools. Read more

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